Greene County Fine Arts Council

Quality Community Entertainment

The Cat In The Hat

February 21st and 22nd at 7:30 PM and February 23rd at 2:00 at The Collins Theater

Directed by Jeremiah Allen

From the moment his tall, red-and-white-striped hat appears around the door, Sally and her brother know that THE CAT IN THE HAT is the funniest, most mischievous cat they have ever met.

With the trickiest of tricks and craziest of ideas, he is certainly fun to play with. And he turns a rainy afternoon into an amazing adventure. But what will mum find when she gets home?

The cast list is as follows:

  • CAT - Ryan Fisher
  • GIRL - Alison Turbyeville
  • BOY - Alex Perkins
  • FISH - Kylie Allen
  • THING 1 & THING 2 - Molly Linham & Nina Witcher
  • NARRATOR - John Mathis
  • KITTENS - Katelynn Waddell, Shayla Russom, Jesse Allen, Aaron Fisher
  • MOTHER - Diane Danke

For questions or more information, please contact Jer Allen at (870) 565-5056.